Murray Fredericks

Murray Fredericks has been represented by Hamiltons Gallery for over a decade. Fredericks’ atmospheric pictures border on the sublime – giving rise to the emotional and physical sense of an overwhelming awe of nature. Murray Fredericks lives and works in Australia.

<span class="title">Salt 401<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">2014</span>
<span class="title">Salt 402<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">2014</span>
<span class="title">Salt 303<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">2008</span>
<span class="title">Salt 305<span class="title_comma">, </span></span><span class="year">2008</span>
Murray Fredericks
Salt 401, 2014
Pigment print, edition of 5, 60 5/8 x 134 5/8 in.
Pigment print, edition of 7, 27 1/4 x 63 in.
© Murray Fredericks

The majority of the works in Salt are 47 x 58 in. however, Fredericks also created grand scale, panoramic scenes 47 x 161 in. These works are horizontal successions of ten to twenty frames assembled in one image, representing the feeling of vast space and emptiness. In 2014, Fredericks returned again to Lake Eyre and captured it by night, this resulted in stunning images of endless star spangled skies, the infinite galaxy and constellations above.


‘These images do not set out to describe the geographical location of the landscape but describe the deeper feeling, the experience of being there. To me that experience is very much about a sense of freedom and release.’ – Murray Fredricks