Murray Fredericks

Murray Fredericks has been represented by Hamiltons Gallery for over a decade. Fredericks’ atmospheric pictures border on the sublime – giving rise to the emotional and physical sense of an overwhelming awe of nature. Murray Fredericks lives and works in Australia.

In 2010 Fredericks, embarked on ‘Hector’, a body of work that sets out to captures the world’s largest thunderstorm. Hector is the colloquial name for the convection thunderstorms ‘Hector the Convector’ that occur almost daily over the Tiwi Islands, situated in the Arafura sea, North of the Australian mainland. It was during the ‘build-up’ season prior to the monsoon in 2010 that Fredericks chose to make his first trip to the area. The results of Fredericks risk-taking are truly remarkable; a stunning series of dramatic, black and white images of the tumultuous storm are a force to be reckoned with.


The project is ongoing and continues his exploration into the concept of space and isolation. Fredricks’ intention is to deny the traditional language of landscape in order to concentrate on space over place, whereupon the subject becomes the storm itself rather than the scene in which it sits.