Jacob Felländer: Pentimento

24 September - 1 November 2013

In the Autumn of 2013, Hamiltons staged Jacob Felländer's inaugural London exhibition, Pentimento. The exhibition comprised sixteen unique large format works, (110 x 110 cm.), from the Swedish photographer's latest project.


Using rebuilt analogue cameras to multiexpose his negatives whilst simultaneously winding the film forward throughout the frame, Felländer allows for time, space and perspective to drift. He begins to challenge the interaction between fine art and photography, as he introduces paint and charcoal to his work for the first time. Highlighting forms and lines he sees within original exposures, he raises them to the surface, hence Pentimento.


Felländer has contemplated this complex relationship of combining mediums, "When is an image more a film than a photograph? When is a photograph more a painting than a photograph?  The border territory fascinates me."