Tomio Seike: Glynde Forge

26 October - 25 November 2006

Glynde Forge is a series of works taken at a blacksmith's workhouse Tomio Seike stumbled across during a walk with his friend, Margaret Callagan, in 2003. The enchanting, dark interior was unlike anything Seike had encountered and his consequent works highlight a contrast between the density of the blacksmith's art against the winter's light and mystical layer of dust.


"It seems light knows dust, dust knows light, I was fascinated to discover this each time. Time is passing everything and my cameras see the light and dust and often they can be quite beautiful." - Tomio Seike


Tomio Seike, influenced by early photography, is known for working at an unhurried pace, often creating only four or five images each year. Unusually, however, the Glynde Forge series was made within a six-month period as he urgently went about capturing its soul before it disappeared. Seike captures quiet, meditative moments that often go unnoticed in today's busy life whilst simultaneously celebrating the beauty that the passing of time has granted the Forge's interior.