Kobi Israel: Promised Lands

17 January - 12 February 2007

Promised Lands was the first solo UK exhibition of works by Kobi Israel. The exhibition comprised thirteen large format, editioned photographs in three series, encouraging the viewer to join Israel in an exploration of their inner selves through the uncertain meanings of the 'Promised Land'.


The first series represents the 'collective tale' capturing the artist's impression of how the ancient Israelites felt when they reached Canaan after forty years in the desert. America, the second series, symbolises the 'family tale' and reminisces about the journey Israel's immigrant parents made to New York in search of a better life. The last series, serene, unpeopled scenes from Hampstead Heath depict the 'personal tale'. The Heath is recognised as a cruising site for gay men which represents, to Israel, a place of promised pleasure and potential, but unrequited, love.


Israel's autobiographal work blends the travel genre with documentary photography and a search for deeper personal meanings embedded in landscape.