Jim Lee: 69

14 February - 28 March 2007

Hamiltons presented an exhibition of large format, black and white fashion photographs by British artist, Jim Lee, which ran simultaneously with London Fashion Week, strong supporters of his work.


Lee, who famously worked alongside Ossie Clark, cites Helmut Newton as a prominent influence in his photography. Although they never met, a number of parallels can be drawn, both leaning towards risqué, evocative imagery. The women in Lee's work, similarly to those in his life, appear to be self assured and sensual, and he concentrates on maximising not only their femininity but also their prowess and sexual energy. He confesses to being driven by sexual encounter but rejects the idea of fulfilling the formula of the fashion photographer.


"I was never interested in photographing clothes for the sake of clothes. I am interested in telling stories and I found photography a medium that allowed me to put down something I wanted to say with political or social awareness." - Jim Lee.


British photographer and film director, Jim Lee (b.1945), currently lives and works in London. Lee has exhibited extensively within the UK and internationally, and his work is held in the permanent collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Royal College of Art.