Guido Mocafico: Movement

2 May - 2 June 2007

In his first UK solo exhibition, Guido Mocafico presented twelve large format, 105 x 105 cm. colour photographs from his series Movement. This is an example of one of the many varied bodies of Mocafico's work, including MedusaSerpens and Dutch Old Masters, which have helped him gain international acclaim as one of today's most prominent still life photographic artists.


Movement concentrates on the concept of time. Whilst time was originally measured by astronomical and seasonal movements, here Mocafico explores the precise movement of a mechanical system to measure time.


"My intention is to reveal the extraordinart Alchemist's blend of technical, mechanical and paradoxically poetical elecments housed within these tiny living machines. I wanted to show the movements laid bare, in their simpliest form, wihtout dial or oscillating weight and without case, moon disc or calendar - all the kinds of features that might have distured observation of the architecture of these mechanisms." - Guido Mocafico.