Helmut Newton: XL

26 September - 16 November 2007

Helmut Newton

Two Pairs of Legs in Black Stockings, Paris, 1979

Oversized gelatin silver print

39 x 39 in.

© Helmut Newton Foundation

This exhibition highlighted a selection of Helmut Newton's extremely rare oversized prints of both iconic and lesser known works from the 1960s to 1980s, including Big Nude III, Henrietta, 1980, Two Pairs of Legs in Black Stockings, 1979 and Tied up Torso, Ramatuelie, 1980.


The doyen of fashion's dark side, Newton fundamentally changed the face of fashion photography, introducing a blend of drama, sex and style, which shaped not only magazine imagery but fashion itself. Regarded as provocative and scandalous in their time, the works exhibited represented a stylistic change in Newton's work. Taken between 1974 and 1981, these pieces reflect the dawn of the contemporary woman in their role as leaders rather than followers. Striding confidently in only their high heels, they relish in the resplendence and vivacity of their bodies and parade, both individually as well as in groups, toward the onlooker.


A limited edition catalogue was published by Hamiltons to commemorate this exhibition in 2007, including a foreword by Tom Ford.