Guido Mocafico: Guns and Roses

23 January - 20 February 2010

Guns and Roses, Guido Mocafico's fourth solo UK exhibition, united two bodies of work, Guns dating from 2006 - 2008, and Roses, 2009.


Guns concentrates on the beauty and technical feat of the man-made object, delighting in the sleek design and functionality of the weapons which are in themselves works of art set against black backgrounds. The viewer is encouraged to look beyond their raw, often destructive reality and consider the beauty of their design. "Each gun takes on a life of its own; here I find poetry meeting technology." - Guido Mocafico.


Roses adopts a striking nobility in which Mocafico presents order, yet an elegant simplicity with his painstakingly arranged bouquets photographed from above.


Combined, the two series Guns and Roses, raised interesting parallels; technology versus the natural, war versus love, fear versus pleasure. But in both, Mocafico examined humanity's intervention with nature.