Murray Fredericks: Hector

14 - 29 September 2012

Australian photographer, Murray Fredericks, embarked on his body of work, Hector, in 2010. The project is on going and continues his exploration into the concept of space and isolation, last shown in the 2007 and 2009 Salt exhibitions at Hamiltons. The exhibition comprised a selection of large format black and white pigment prints, each from an edition of seven.


Hector is the colloquial name for the convection thunderstorms 'Hector the Convector' that occur almost daily over the Tiwi Islands, situated in the Arafura sea, North of the Australian mainland; and it was during the 'build-up' season prior to the monsoon in 2010 that Fredericks chose to make his first trip to the area.


Fredericks describes his approach as minimalist; his intention is to deny the traditional language of landscape in order to concentrate on space over place, whereupon the subject becomes the storm itself rather than the scene in which it sits.