Mario Testino: South Americana

3 November 2021 - 22 January 2022

Hamiltons Gallery is proud to present the exhibition ‘South Americana’ featuring newly produced work by Mario Testino.


The exhibition highlights images from Testino’s ongoing project ‘A Beautiful World’ which explores cultural traditions and symbols of peoples around the globe. Whilst Mario Testino has historically been recognised as one of the world’s most in-demand commercial and fashion photographers, his life and career’s real magnum opus is at its genesis.


This exhibition takes at its heart themes which, like the overall project, reflect the origins of the artist himself. Peruvian in origin, Testino has returned repeatedly to the Andes to explore the regions hidden cultural histories such as in his 2007-2020 project Alta Moda. Unlike this project which focused on a very specific fashion from the mountains of Peru, ‘South Americana’ captures the spirit of the larger region and universal truths to be found within it.