Tomio Seike

Tomio Seike has been represented by Hamiltons Gallery for over 30 years. Seike lives between Japan and the U.K., and has traditionally hand printed most of his work in Japan and more recently has worked with colour landscapes. Seike’s sensitive pictures of Paris, nudes and still lifes are in numerous international collections.

In Tomio Seike's series Nude Untitled we witness an ethereal, almost haunting other-worldliness, a quality that prevails throughout his work. Seike is a master at capturing the quiet moments in life that silently pass, the ordinary moments that so often go unnoticed. Not only here but throughout his wider body of work, Seike often focuses on one aspect of something all together greater; in Nude Untitled that is an individual part of the body which might otherwise be overlooked. "I was never interested in taking pictures of models or well known individuals, I prefer ordinary people in ordinary situations, as you see every day and every moment - nothing special."


Towards the end of the eighties when Seike completed his first series of nudes, exhibited at Hamiltons in 1989, he decided to extend the series - shooting in Paris and the UK - and experimenting predominantly with abstraction and size.