Albert Watson

Albert Watson is renowned for his fashion, celebrity and fine art photography. He has shot over 100 covers for Vogue and 40 for Rolling Stone magazine since the 1970s. He has been acclaimed as one of the 20 most influential photographers of all time alongside Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.

This series of work departs from Albert Watson’s iconic portraiture, instead concentrating on a single dominatrix and burlesque performer, Breaunna, whom he worked with repeatedly over two years. He met her at a Rock-A-Billy Convention in 2000 and over the years she became his muse, posing for him numerous times.


“When you come from a small town in Scotland, and years later you end up with a camera in Las Vegas, it’s truly like being in another galaxy. And meeting somebody like Breaunna was inspiring. She lives in an exotic, erotic world, and that’s what fascinated me.”, Albert Watson.


Watson described Breaunna, whose online moniker is Miss Beehayving, as having a chameleon-like quality. He managed to capture a different facial expression in each photograph, depicting the world both literally and figuratively through her eyes and the places she worked.  His use of light creates a meditative atmosphere, drawing the viewer into the image whilst simultaneously demanding a reverent distance.