Murray Fredericks 'ARRAY' - A film by Nick Bannehr

November 6, 2019

Artist and filmmaker Nick Bannehr accompanied Murray Fredericks on his final two visits to Lake Eyre producing the ARRAY series. Combining handheld Super-8 film with archival footage, Bannehr captures moments from the three-week journey that contrast the every day with the epic, the mundane with the sublime.

ARRAY is the final ‘cycle' in Murray Fredericks’ acclaimed SALT Project. In these new works, the artist intersects endless space through the ethereal reflective quality of mirrors. Rather than employing the mirror as a symbol of self-reflection, Fredericks redirects our gaze away from ourselves and into the immense environment. His translations of the language of landscape verge on otherworldly; reflections hover together as geometric forms, apertures or portals, offering a dual experience of looking both into another realm and out, as the lake’s glass-like surface mirrors an infinite space above.

Directed, Edited, DOP - Nick Bannehr
Additional Footage - Marcus O'Brien / Murray Fredericks
Original Score - Russell W
Sound Design - Ahmed Natiq