Nick Waplington: Living Room tops TimeOut's 'Top Ten Art Exhibitions in London'

We are thrilled to say that our current exhibition, Nick Waplington: Living Room, topped TimeOut's 'Top Ten Art Exhibitions in London'. Coming in at number one, Nick Waplington's first exhibition with Hamiltons Gallery was among the likes of The Courtauld, National Portrait Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, The Hayward and Tate. 


"What is working-class England if not grey, sullen, broken, monochrome, damp and sad? That’s the classic vision of this crumbling nation presented to us by photography, film and TV. But in the early 1990s, photographer Nick Waplington rocked the metaphorical boat by showing another side of England; one filled with colour, laughter, love and happiness." - TimeOut


Awarding it an incredible ★★★★★, renowned art critic Eddy Frankel wrote of the works on view "it’s in the titular living room that the real drama plays out. This room is the stage, the set where the community acts out its relationships; a cramped, filthy, beautiful world unto itself. Babies are fed, toddlers are cuddles, fags are smoked, teas are split, clothes are ironed. It’s ultra-basic, super-mundane, but it’s overflowing with life and joy."


Whilst Waplington’s early work was intrinsically rooted in ‘documentary’ practice, it also

challenged the conventional documentary gaze. Waplington employs a deeply humanistic approach which is resistant to intrusive or voyeuristic documentation, and which was apparent to Frankel in his review for Timeout. He writes: "Waplington’s photos work because they’re not patronising. He isn’t a passive observer, but an active participant letting us into this world for just a second. Nothing really happens in these photos, but the whole universe is here, and it’s as beautiful, powerful, genuine and moving now as it would have been three decades ago." 


We're so pleased with the reception the show has had so far - on until 25th May, make sure to see it for yourself!


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