Guido Mocafico

Guido Mocafico is represented exclusively by Hamiltons Gallery. Mocafico is a contemporary master of still life photography. His relationships with brands such as Chanel, Clinique, Dior and YSL and publications including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar allowed him to develop a signature intense style which translates to his personal artistic projects such as Serpens, Aranea, Blaschka, and Nature Morte.

Guido Mocafico's fascination with Leopold (1822-1895) and his son Rudolf (1857-1939) Blaschka's glass models of invertebrate animals (jellyfish, snails, sea anemones, corals, hidroids, starfish, sea-cucumbers, squid, seaslugs and bivalves) and plants are paid homage to in this series, in which Mocafico portrays the Blaschka's dedication to their craft. Originally from Bohemia, but based in Dresden, the Blaschka's were glassmakers working from the mid-1800s until the 1930s. These masterpieces, created over both their lifetimes, are manufactured out of clear, coloured and painted glass and still exist in several museum collectives, including Harvard University Herbaria (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Corning Museum of Glass/Cornell University and the Natural History Museums in London and Ireland, amongst others.


The Blaschka family made their objects only on commission for the institutions' study purposes at that time, and they were never sold to the general public. Mocafico's fascination with the story behind these has led him to be granted access by the museums' curators to photograph them in his own unique style.