Hamiltons participated for the fifth consecutive year at TEFAF Maastricht with a unique and important exhibition, including a selection of photographs and furniture by renowned Italian designer Carlo Mollino and a collection of rare colour prints of Robert Mapplethorpe's Flowers.


Hamiltons showcased Carlo Mollino's photography and design, for which he is recognised as one of Italy's most original creators.  The exhibition included a selection of rare Polaroids and C-prints from the fifties and sixties, alongside two of Mollino's most recognisable masterpieces of modern design, The Lattes Chair and The Copenhagen Chair. Mollino was unique in blending diverse passions and influences, and Hamiltons highlighted two important objects -as seen in the Polaroids- to contextualise the show.


Hamiltons also exhibited nine large format, colour works from Robert Mapplethorpe's Flowers series.  Another first for TEFAF, this is the most significant collection of signed dye-transfer Flowers prints to be exhibited in many years. Flowers draws particular attention to Mapplethorpe's exquisite exploration of colour; the images - both bold and uncompromising reveal an untouchable yet sensitive clarity of tone and composition.  Each is highly stylised and shot in a controlled studio environment; Mapplethorpe's understanding of form and light, coupled with his meticulous compositions, create beautiful images that revel in the sensual quality of nature. 


In addition, Hamiltons presented a selected group of modern masters, including Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst, Helmut Newton and Daido Moriyama.  





TEFAF 2014

Stand 524
Maastricht, The Netherlands
14 - 23 March 2014